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Source code for kivy.input.postproc.retaintouch

Retain Touch

Reuse touch to counter lost finger behavior

__all__ = ('InputPostprocRetainTouch', )

from kivy.config import Config
from kivy.vector import Vector
import time

[docs]class InputPostprocRetainTouch(object): ''' InputPostprocRetainTouch is a post-processor to delay the 'up' event of a touch, to reuse it under certains conditions. This module is designed to prevent lost finger touches on some hardware/setups. Retain touch can be configured in the Kivy config file:: [postproc] retain_time = 100 retain_distance = 50 The distance parameter is in the range 0-1000 and time is in milliseconds. ''' def __init__(self): self.timeout = Config.getint('postproc', 'retain_time') / 1000.0 self.distance = Config.getint('postproc', 'retain_distance') / 1000.0 self._available = [] self._links = {} def process(self, events): # check if module is disabled if self.timeout == 0: return events d = time.time() for etype, touch in events[:]: if not touch.is_touch: continue if etype == 'end': events.remove((etype, touch)) if touch.uid in self._links: selection = self._links[touch.uid] selection.ud.__pp_retain_time__ = d self._available.append(selection) del self._links[touch.uid] else: touch.ud.__pp_retain_time__ = d self._available.append(touch) elif etype == 'update': if touch.uid in self._links: selection = self._links[touch.uid] selection.x = touch.x selection.y = touch.y = = events.remove((etype, touch)) events.append((etype, selection)) else: pass elif etype == 'begin': # new touch, found the nearest one selection = None selection_distance = 99999 for touch2 in self._available: touch_distance = Vector(touch2.spos).distance(touch.spos) if touch_distance > self.distance: continue if touch2.__class__ != touch.__class__: continue if touch_distance < selection_distance: # eligible for continuation selection_distance = touch_distance selection = touch2 if selection is None: continue self._links[touch.uid] = selection self._available.remove(selection) events.remove((etype, touch)) for touch in self._available[:]: t = touch.ud.__pp_retain_time__ if d - t > self.timeout: self._available.remove(touch) events.append(('end', touch)) return events