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Native support for Multitouch devices on Linux, using libmtdev.

The Mtdev project is a part of the Ubuntu Maverick multitouch architecture. You can read more on

To configure MTDev, it’s preferable to use probesysfs providers. Check probesysfs for more information.

Otherwise, add this to your configuration:

# devicename = hidinput,/dev/input/eventXX
acert230h = mtdev,/dev/input/event2


You must have read access to the input event.

You can use a custom range for the X, Y and pressure values. On some drivers, the range reported is invalid. To fix that, you can add these options to the argument line:

  • invert_x : 1 to invert X axis

  • invert_y : 1 to invert Y axis

  • min_position_x : X minimum

  • max_position_x : X maximum

  • min_position_y : Y minimum

  • max_position_y : Y maximum

  • min_pressure : pressure minimum

  • max_pressure : pressure maximum

  • min_touch_major : width shape minimum

  • max_touch_major : width shape maximum

  • min_touch_minor : width shape minimum

  • max_touch_minor : height shape maximum

  • rotation : 0,90,180 or 270 to rotate

An inverted display configuration will look like this:

# example for inverting touch events
display = mtdev,/dev/input/event0,invert_x=1,invert_y=1
class kivy.input.providers.mtdev.MTDMotionEvent(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: kivy.input.motionevent.MotionEvent


Depack args into attributes of the class