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Core class for acquiring the camera and converting its input into a Texture.

Changed in version 1.10.0: The pygst and videocapture providers have been removed.

Changed in version 1.8.0: There is now 2 distinct Gstreamer implementation: one using Gi/Gst working for both Python 2+3 with Gstreamer 1.0, and one using PyGST working only for Python 2 + Gstreamer 0.10.


Bases: kivy.event.EventDispatcher

Abstract Camera Widget class.

Concrete camera classes must implement initialization and frame capturing to a buffer that can be uploaded to the gpu.

index: int

Source index of the camera.

size: tuple (int, int)

Size at which the image is drawn. If no size is specified, it defaults to the resolution of the camera image.

resolution: tuple (int, int)

Resolution to try to request from the camera. Used in the gstreamer pipeline by forcing the appsink caps to this resolution. If the camera doesn’t support the resolution, a negotiation error might be thrown.


Fired when the camera is loaded and the texture has become available.


Fired each time the camera texture is updated.

property index

Source index of the camera


Initialize the camera (internal)

property resolution

Resolution of camera capture (width, height)


Start the camera acquire


Release the camera

property texture

Return the camera texture with the latest capture