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Source code for kivy.effects.opacityscroll

Opacity scroll effect

Based on the :class:`~kivy.effects.damped.DampedScrollEffect`, this one will
also decrease the opacity of the target widget during the overscroll.


__all__ = ('OpacityScrollEffect', )

from kivy.effects.dampedscroll import DampedScrollEffect

[docs]class OpacityScrollEffect(DampedScrollEffect): '''OpacityScrollEffect class. Uses the overscroll information to reduce the opacity of the scrollview widget. When the user stops the drag, the opacity is set back to 1. ''' def on_overscroll(self, *args): if self.target_widget and self.target_widget.height != 0: alpha = (1.0 - abs(self.overscroll / float(self.target_widget.height))) self.target_widget.opacity = min(1, alpha) self.trigger_velocity_update()