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Crash Course

The Kivy Crash Course is a series of YouTube video tutorials by Kivy core developer inclement. They provide a simple walkthrough in Kivy for users who know how to code in Python and is friendly to Python beginners. After the Pong and Paint tutorials, this set of videos covers basic features and techniques that can be used to create your app quicker, keeping your code elegant and eye-friendly.

Basic Info

The Crash Course primarily consists of a series of YouTube videos, each roughly 10 minutes long. There are also articles describing some of the videos and the code used in the videos.

Topics covered by the Crash Course include:

  • Use of the basic Kivy widgets such as the Label, Button, Scatter and TextInput

  • Building an app for android with python-for-android’s old toolchain

  • Binding functions to events

  • Using changes in variables on the go

  • Smart user interface (Kv language)

  • Properties

  • Canvas and drawing

  • Label with scrolling

  • Positioning and layouts

  • Animation and Clock

  • Accessing android API (pyjnius, plyer)

  • Settings panel (and building your own options)

  • ScreenManager