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Non-widget stuff

Animation is used to change a widget’s properties (size/pos/center etc.) to a target value within a target time. Various transition functions are provided. You can use them to animate widgets and build very smooth UI behaviours.


Atlas is a class for managing texture maps, i.e. packing multiple textures into one image. This allows you to reduce the number of images loaded and thus speed up the application start.


Clock provides you with a convenient way to schedule jobs at set time intervals and is preferred over sleep(), which would block the kivy event loop. These intervals can be set relative to the OpenGL drawing instructions, before or after. The Clock also provides you with a way to create triggered events that are grouped together and called only once before the next frame.

  • schedule_once()

  • schedule_interval()

  • unschedule()

  • create_trigger()

UrlRequest is useful for asynchronous requests that do not block the event loop. You can use it to manage the progress of URL requests via callbacks.