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Resources management

Resource management can be a pain if you have multiple paths and projects. Kivy offers 2 functions for searching for specific resources across a list of paths.

Resource lookup

When Kivy looks for a resource e.g. an image or a kv file, it searches through a predetermined set of folders. You can modify this folder list using the resource_add_path() and resource_remove_path() functions.

Customizing Kivy

These functions can also be helpful if you want to replace standard Kivy resources with your own. For example, if you wish to customize or re-style Kivy, you can force your style.kv or data/defaulttheme-0.png files to be used in preference to the defaults simply by adding the path to your preferred alternatives via the resource_add_path() method.

As almost all Kivy resources are looked up using the resource_find(), so you can use this approach to add fonts and keyboard layouts and to replace images and icons.


Add a custom path to search in.

kivy.resources.resource_find(filename, use_cache=False)[source]

Search for a resource in the list of paths. Use resource_add_path to add a custom path to the search. By default, results are cached for 60 seconds. This can be disabled using use_cache=False.

Changed in version 2.1.0: use_cache parameter added and made True by default.


Remove a search path.

New in version 1.0.8.