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Source code for kivy.input.providers.leapfinger

Leap Motion - finger only

__all__ = ('LeapFingerEventProvider', 'LeapFingerEvent')

from collections import deque
from kivy.logger import Logger
from kivy.input.provider import MotionEventProvider
from kivy.input.factory import MotionEventFactory
from kivy.input.motionevent import MotionEvent

_LEAP_QUEUE = deque()

Leap = InteractionBox = None

def normalize(value, a, b):
    return (value - a) / float(b - a)

[docs]class LeapFingerEvent(MotionEvent): def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): kwargs.setdefault('is_touch', True) kwargs.setdefault('type_id', 'touch') super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.profile = ('pos', 'pos3d',)
[docs] def depack(self, args): super().depack(args) if args[0] is None: return x, y, z = args = normalize(x, -150, 150) = normalize(y, 40, 460) = normalize(z, -350, 350) self.z = z
[docs]class LeapFingerEventProvider(MotionEventProvider): __handlers__ = {}
[docs] def start(self): # don't do the import at start, or the error will be always displayed # for user who don't have Leap global Leap, InteractionBox import Leap from Leap import InteractionBox class LeapMotionListener(Leap.Listener): def on_init(self, controller):'leapmotion: Initialized') def on_connect(self, controller):'leapmotion: Connected') def on_disconnect(self, controller):'leapmotion: Disconnected') def on_frame(self, controller): frame = controller.frame() _LEAP_QUEUE.append(frame) def on_exit(self, controller): pass self.uid = 0 self.touches = {} self.listener = LeapMotionListener() self.controller = Leap.Controller(self.listener)
[docs] def update(self, dispatch_fn): try: while True: frame = _LEAP_QUEUE.popleft() events = self.process_frame(frame) for ev in events: dispatch_fn(*ev) except IndexError: pass
def process_frame(self, frame): events = [] touches = self.touches available_uid = [] for hand in frame.hands: for finger in hand.fingers: # print(,, finger.tip()) uid = '{0}:{1}'.format(, available_uid.append(uid) position = finger.tip_position args = (position.x, position.y, position.z) if uid not in touches: touch = LeapFingerEvent(self.device, uid, args) events.append(('begin', touch)) touches[uid] = touch else: touch = touches[uid] touch.move(args) events.append(('update', touch)) for key in list(touches.keys())[:]: if key not in available_uid: events.append(('end', touches[key])) del touches[key] return events
# registers MotionEventFactory.register('leapfinger', LeapFingerEventProvider)