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Source code for kivy.input.postproc.dejitter


Prevent blob jittering.

A problem that is often faced (esp. in optical MT setups) is that of
jitterish BLOBs caused by bad camera characteristics. With this module
you can get rid of that jitter. You just define a threshold
`jitter_distance` in your config, and all touch movements that move
the touch by less than the jitter distance are considered 'bad'
movements caused by jitter and will be discarded.

__all__ = ('InputPostprocDejitter', )

from kivy.config import Config

[docs]class InputPostprocDejitter(object): ''' Get rid of jitterish BLOBs. Example:: [postproc] jitter_distance = 0.004 jitter_ignore_devices = mouse,mactouch :Configuration: `jitter_distance`: float A float in range 0-1. `jitter_ignore_devices`: string A comma-separated list of device identifiers that should not be processed by dejitter (because they're very precise already). ''' def __init__(self): self.jitterdist = Config.getfloat('postproc', 'jitter_distance') ignore_devices = Config.get('postproc', 'jitter_ignore_devices') self.ignore_devices = ignore_devices.split(',') self.last_touches = {} def taxicab_distance(self, p, q): # Get the taxicab/manhattan/citiblock distance for efficiency reasons return abs(p[0] - q[0]) + abs(p[1] - q[1]) def process(self, events): if not self.jitterdist: return events processed = [] for etype, touch in events: if not touch.is_touch: continue if touch.device in self.ignore_devices: processed.append((etype, touch)) continue if etype == 'begin': self.last_touches[] = touch.spos if etype == 'end': if in self.last_touches: del self.last_touches[] if etype != 'update': processed.append((etype, touch)) continue # Check whether the touch moved more than the jitter distance last_spos = self.last_touches[] dist = self.taxicab_distance(last_spos, touch.spos) if dist > self.jitterdist: # Only if the touch has moved more than the jitter dist we take # it into account and dispatch it. Otherwise suppress it. self.last_touches[] = touch.spos processed.append((etype, touch)) return processed