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Source code for kivy.uix.selectableview


.. deprecated:: 1.10.0
    The feature has been deprecated.

This module houses the :class:`SelectableView` mixin class. This is used by
the :class:`~kivy.uix.listview.ListView` and it's associated
:mod:`Adapters <kivy.adapters>` to provide selection behaviour
when presenting large lists.


from import NumericProperty, BooleanProperty
from kivy.utils import deprecated

[docs]class SelectableView(object): '''The :class:`SelectableView` mixin is used with list items and other classes that are to be instantiated in a list view or other classes which use a selection-enabled adapter such as ListAdapter. select() and deselect() can be overridden with display code to mark items as selected or not, if desired. ''' index = NumericProperty(-1) '''The index into the underlying data list or the data item this view represents. ''' is_selected = BooleanProperty(False) '''A SelectableView instance carries this property which should be kept in sync with the equivalent property the data item represents. ''' @deprecated def __init__(self, **kwargs): super(SelectableView, self).__init__(**kwargs)
[docs] def select(self, *args): '''The list item is responsible for updating the display when being selected, if desired. ''' self.is_selected = True
[docs] def deselect(self, *args): '''The list item is responsible for updating the display when being unselected, if desired. ''' self.is_selected = False