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Welcome to Kivy

Welcome to Kivy’s documentation. Kivy is an open source software library for the rapid development of applications equipped with novel user interfaces, such as multi-touch apps.

We recommend that you get started with Getting Started. Then head over to the Programming Guide. We also have Create an application if you are impatient.

You are probably wondering why you should be interested in using Kivy. There is a document outlining our Philosophy that we encourage you to read, and a detailed Architectural Overview.

If you want to contribute to Kivy, make sure to read Contributing. If your concern isn’t addressed in the documentation, feel free to Contact Us.


The appendix contains licensing information and an enumeration of all the different modules, classes, functions and variables available in Kivy.


Kivy is released and distributed under the terms of the MIT license starting version 1.7.2. Older versions are still under the LGPLv3.

You should have received a copy of the MIT license alongside your Kivy distribution. See the LICENSE file in the Kivy root folder. An online version of the license can be found at:

In a nutshell, the license allows you to use Kivy in your own projects regardless of whether they are open source, closed source, commercial or free. Even if the license doesn’t require it, we would really appreciate when you make changes to the Kivy sourcecode itself, share those changes with us!

For a list of authors, please see the file AUTHORS that accompanies the Kivy source code distribution (next to LICENSE).

Kivy – Copyright 2010-2018, The Kivy Authors.