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New in version 1.7.0.

Changed in version 1.8.0.

Garden is a project to centralize addons for Kivy maintained by users. You can find more information at Kivy Garden. All the garden packages are centralized on the kivy-garden Github repository.

Garden is now distributed as a separate Python module, kivy-garden. You can install it with pip:

pip install kivy-garden

The garden module does not initially include any packages. You can download them with the garden tool installed by the pip package:

# Installing a garden package
garden install graph

# Upgrade a garden package
garden install --upgrade graph

# Uninstall a garden package
garden uninstall graph

# List all the garden packages installed
garden list

# Search new packages
garden search

# Search all the packages that contain "graph"
garden search graph

# Show the help
garden --help

All the garden packages are installed by default in ~/.kivy/garden.


In previous versions of Kivy, garden was a tool at kivy/tools/garden. This no longer exists, but the kivy-garden module provides exactly the same functionality.


If you want to include garden packages in your application, you can add –app to the install command. This will create a libs/garden directory in your current directory which will be used by

For example:

cd myapp
garden install --app graph = 'garden'

system path where garden modules can be installed