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Source code for kivy.uix.carousel


.. image:: images/carousel.gif
    :align: right

.. versionadded:: 1.4.0

The :class:`Carousel` widget provides the classic mobile-friendly carousel view
where you can swipe between slides.
You can add any content to the carousel and have it move horizontally or
vertically. The carousel can display pages in a sequence or a loop.


    from import App
    from kivy.uix.carousel import Carousel
    from kivy.uix.image import AsyncImage

    class CarouselApp(App):
        def build(self):
            carousel = Carousel(direction='right')
            for i in range(10):
                src = "" % i
                image = AsyncImage(source=src, allow_stretch=True)
            return carousel


.. versionchanged:: 1.5.0
    The carousel now supports active children, like the
    :class:`~kivy.uix.scrollview.ScrollView`. It will detect a swipe gesture
    according to the :attr:`Carousel.scroll_timeout` and
    :attr:`Carousel.scroll_distance` properties.

    In addition, the slide container is no longer exposed by the API.
    The impacted properties are
    :attr:`Carousel.slides`, :attr:`Carousel.current_slide`,
    :attr:`Carousel.previous_slide` and :attr:`Carousel.next_slide`.


__all__ = ('Carousel', )

from functools import partial
from kivy.clock import Clock
from kivy.factory import Factory
from kivy.animation import Animation
from kivy.uix.stencilview import StencilView
from kivy.uix.relativelayout import RelativeLayout
from import BooleanProperty, OptionProperty, AliasProperty, \
    NumericProperty, ListProperty, ObjectProperty, StringProperty

if __name__ == '__main__':
    from import App

    class Example1(App):

        def build(self):
            carousel = Carousel(direction='left',
            for i in range(4):
                src = "" % i
                image = Factory.AsyncImage(source=src, allow_stretch=True)
            return carousel