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Source code for kivy.uix.bubble


.. versionadded:: 1.1.0

.. image:: images/bubble.jpg
    :align: right

The Bubble widget is a form of menu or a small popup where the menu options
are stacked either vertically or horizontally.

The :class:`Bubble` contains an arrow pointing in the direction you

Simple example

.. include:: ../../examples/widgets/

Customize the Bubble

You can choose the direction in which the arrow points::


The widgets added to the Bubble are ordered horizontally by default, like a
Boxlayout. You can change that by::

    orientation = 'vertical'

To add items to the bubble::

    bubble = Bubble(orientation = 'vertical')

To remove items::


To access the list of children, use content.children::


.. warning::
  This is important! Do not use bubble.children

To change the appearance of the bubble::

    bubble.background_color = (1, 0, 0, .5) #50% translucent red
    bubble.border = [0, 0, 0, 0]
    background_image = 'path/to/background/image'
    arrow_image = 'path/to/arrow/image'

__all__ = ('Bubble', 'BubbleButton', 'BubbleContent')

from kivy.uix.image import Image
from kivy.uix.widget import Widget
from kivy.uix.scatter import Scatter
from kivy.uix.gridlayout import GridLayout
from kivy.uix.boxlayout import BoxLayout
from kivy.uix.button import Button
from import ObjectProperty, StringProperty, OptionProperty, \
    ListProperty, BooleanProperty
from kivy.clock import Clock
from kivy.base import EventLoop
from kivy.metrics import dp

[docs]class BubbleButton(Button): '''A button intended for use in a Bubble widget. You can use a "normal" button class, but it will not look good unless the background is changed. Rather use this BubbleButton widget that is already defined and provides a suitable background for you. ''' pass
[docs]class BubbleContent(GridLayout): pass
[docs]class Bubble(GridLayout): '''Bubble class. See module documentation for more information. ''' background_color = ListProperty([1, 1, 1, 1]) '''Background color, in the format (r, g, b, a). To use it you have to set either :attr:`background_image` or :attr:`arrow_image` first. :attr:`background_color` is a :class:`` and defaults to [1, 1, 1, 1]. ''' border = ListProperty([16, 16, 16, 16]) '''Border used for :class:`` graphics instruction. Used with the :attr:`background_image`. It should be used when using custom backgrounds. It must be a list of 4 values: (bottom, right, top, left). Read the BorderImage instructions for more information about how to use it. :attr:`border` is a :class:`` and defaults to (16, 16, 16, 16) ''' background_image = StringProperty( 'atlas://data/images/defaulttheme/bubble') '''Background image of the bubble. :attr:`background_image` is a :class:`` and defaults to 'atlas://data/images/defaulttheme/bubble'. ''' arrow_image = StringProperty( 'atlas://data/images/defaulttheme/bubble_arrow') ''' Image of the arrow pointing to the bubble. :attr:`arrow_image` is a :class:`` and defaults to 'atlas://data/images/defaulttheme/bubble_arrow'. ''' show_arrow = BooleanProperty(True) ''' Indicates whether to show arrow. .. versionadded:: 1.8.0 :attr:`show_arrow` is a :class:`` and defaults to `True`. ''' arrow_pos = OptionProperty('bottom_mid', options=( 'left_top', 'left_mid', 'left_bottom', 'top_left', 'top_mid', 'top_right', 'right_top', 'right_mid', 'right_bottom', 'bottom_left', 'bottom_mid', 'bottom_right')) '''Specifies the position of the arrow relative to the bubble. Can be one of: left_top, left_mid, left_bottom top_left, top_mid, top_right right_top, right_mid, right_bottom bottom_left, bottom_mid, bottom_right. :attr:`arrow_pos` is a :class:`` and defaults to 'bottom_mid'. ''' content = ObjectProperty(None) '''This is the object where the main content of the bubble is held. :attr:`content` is a :class:`` and defaults to 'None'. ''' orientation = OptionProperty('horizontal', options=('horizontal', 'vertical')) '''This specifies the manner in which the children inside bubble are arranged. Can be one of 'vertical' or 'horizontal'. :attr:`orientation` is a :class:`` and defaults to 'horizontal'. ''' limit_to = ObjectProperty(None, allownone=True) '''Specifies the widget to which the bubbles position is restricted. .. versionadded:: 1.6.0 :attr:`limit_to` is a :class:`` and defaults to 'None'. ''' def __init__(self, **kwargs): self._prev_arrow_pos = None self._arrow_layout = BoxLayout() self._bk_img = Image( source=self.background_image, allow_stretch=True, keep_ratio=False, color=self.background_color) self.background_texture = self._bk_img.texture self._arrow_img = Image(source=self.arrow_image, allow_stretch=True, color=self.background_color) self.content = content = BubbleContent(parent=self) super(Bubble, self).__init__(**kwargs) content.parent = None self.add_widget(content) self.on_arrow_pos()
[docs] def add_widget(self, *l): content = self.content if content is None: return if l[0] == content or l[0] == self._arrow_img\ or l[0] == self._arrow_layout: super(Bubble, self).add_widget(*l) else: content.add_widget(*l)
[docs] def remove_widget(self, *l): content = self.content if not content: return if l[0] == content or l[0] == self._arrow_img\ or l[0] == self._arrow_layout: super(Bubble, self).remove_widget(*l) else: content.remove_widget(l[0])
[docs] def clear_widgets(self, **kwargs): content = self.content if not content: return if kwargs.get('do_super', False): super(Bubble, self).clear_widgets() else: content.clear_widgets()
def on_show_arrow(self, instance, value): self._arrow_img.opacity = int(value) def on_parent(self, instance, value): Clock.schedule_once(self._update_arrow) def on_pos(self, instance, pos): lt = self.limit_to if lt: self.limit_to = None if lt is EventLoop.window: x = y = 0 top = lt.height right = lt.width else: x, y = lt.x, lt.y top, right =, lt.right self.x = max(self.x, x) self.right = min(self.right, right) = min(, top) self.y = max(self.y, y) self.limit_to = lt def on_background_image(self, *l): self._bk_img.source = self.background_image def on_background_color(self, *l): if self.content is None: return self._arrow_img.color = self._bk_img.color = self.background_color def on_orientation(self, *l): content = self.content if not content: return if self.orientation[0] == 'v': content.cols = 1 content.rows = 99 else: content.cols = 99 content.rows = 1 def on_arrow_image(self, *l): self._arrow_img.source = self.arrow_image def on_arrow_pos(self, *l): self_content = self.content if not self_content: Clock.schedule_once(self.on_arrow_pos) return if self_content not in self.children: Clock.schedule_once(self.on_arrow_pos) return self_arrow_pos = self.arrow_pos if self._prev_arrow_pos == self_arrow_pos: return self._prev_arrow_pos = self_arrow_pos self_arrow_layout = self._arrow_layout self_arrow_layout.clear_widgets() self_arrow_img = self._arrow_img self._sctr = self._arrow_img self.clear_widgets(do_super=True) self_content.parent = None self_arrow_img.size_hint = (1, None) self_arrow_img.height = dp(self_arrow_img.texture_size[1]) self_arrow_img.pos = 0, 0 widget_list = [] arrow_list = [] parent = self_arrow_img.parent if parent: parent.remove_widget(self_arrow_img) if self_arrow_pos[0] == 'b' or self_arrow_pos[0] == 't': self.cols = 1 self.rows = 3 self_arrow_layout.orientation = 'horizontal' self_arrow_img.width = self.width / 3 self_arrow_layout.size_hint = (1, None) self_arrow_layout.height = self_arrow_img.height if self_arrow_pos[0] == 'b': if self_arrow_pos == 'bottom_mid': widget_list = (self_content, self_arrow_img) else: if self_arrow_pos == 'bottom_left': arrow_list = (self_arrow_img, Widget(), Widget()) elif self_arrow_pos == 'bottom_right': # add two dummy widgets arrow_list = (Widget(), Widget(), self_arrow_img) widget_list = (self_content, self_arrow_layout) else: sctr = Scatter(do_translation=False, rotation=180, do_rotation=False, do_scale=False, size_hint=(None, None), size=self_arrow_img.size) sctr.add_widget(self_arrow_img) if self_arrow_pos == 'top_mid': # add two dummy widgets arrow_list = (Widget(), sctr, Widget()) elif self_arrow_pos == 'top_left': arrow_list = (sctr, Widget(), Widget()) elif self_arrow_pos == 'top_right': arrow_list = (Widget(), Widget(), sctr) widget_list = (self_arrow_layout, self_content) elif self_arrow_pos[0] == 'l' or self_arrow_pos[0] == 'r': self.cols = 3 self.rows = 1 self_arrow_img.width = self.height / 3 self_arrow_layout.orientation = 'vertical' self_arrow_layout.cols = 1 self_arrow_layout.size_hint = (None, 1) self_arrow_layout.width = self_arrow_img.height rotation = -90 if self_arrow_pos[0] == 'l' else 90 self._sctr = sctr = Scatter(do_translation=False, rotation=rotation, do_rotation=False, do_scale=False, size_hint=(None, None), size=(self_arrow_img.size)) sctr.add_widget(self_arrow_img) if self_arrow_pos[-4:] == '_top': arrow_list = (Widget(size_hint=(1, .07)), sctr, Widget(size_hint=(1, .3))) elif self_arrow_pos[-4:] == '_mid': arrow_list = (Widget(), sctr, Widget()) Clock.schedule_once(self._update_arrow) elif self_arrow_pos[-7:] == '_bottom': arrow_list = (Widget(), Widget(), sctr) if self_arrow_pos[0] == 'l': widget_list = (self_arrow_layout, self_content) else: widget_list = (self_content, self_arrow_layout) # add widgets to arrow_layout add = self_arrow_layout.add_widget for widg in arrow_list: add(widg) # add widgets to self add = self.add_widget for widg in widget_list: add(widg) def _update_arrow(self, *dt): if self.arrow_pos in ('left_mid', 'right_mid'): self._sctr.center_y = self._arrow_layout.center_y