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Source code for kivy.input.factory

Motion Event Factory

Factory of :class:`~kivy.input.motionevent.MotionEvent` providers.

__all__ = ('MotionEventFactory', )

[docs]class MotionEventFactory: '''MotionEvent factory is a class that registers all availables input factories. If you create a new input factory, you need to register it here:: MotionEventFactory.register('myproviderid', MyInputProvider) ''' __providers__ = {}
[docs] @staticmethod def register(name, classname): '''Register a input provider in the database''' MotionEventFactory.__providers__[name] = classname
[docs] @staticmethod def list(): '''Get a list of all available providers''' return MotionEventFactory.__providers__
[docs] @staticmethod def get(name): '''Get a provider class from the provider id''' if name in MotionEventFactory.__providers__: return MotionEventFactory.__providers__[name]