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About us

Kivy is a community project, led by professional software developers, who are responsible for developing and supporting Kivy, alongside of the community. We also work for companies that use Kivy for their professional products.

Many people have contributed to Kivy and we're always interested in growing our community. If you want to help in terms of writing code, improving documentation, testing, etc. or simply making a donation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Core Developers

Mathieu Virbel

He became a programming expert from working in IT for years before starting with Kivy.
He's French, and founded Melting Rocks.
On Discord, he's known as @tito.

Gabriel Pettier

He is an Information Systems engineer. He's from France, but currently lives in the Netherlands.
On Discord, he's known as @tshirtman.

Akshay Arora

He is a freelance developer. He is from India.
On Discord, he's known as @quanon.

Alexander Taylor

He is a software engineer, with a little time to make fun graphical interfaces. He lives in the UK.
On Discord, he's known as @inclement.

Matthew Einhorn

He is a developer using Kivy with Python to automate scientific research. He lives in the eastern USA.
On Discord, he's known as @matham.

Richard Larkin

Richard is an educational software developer (B.Sc, Hons) from South Africa. He likes being silly, meditating, music and hugging fluffy things.
On Discord, he's known as @ZenCODE.

Andre Miras

Linux geek and open source addict, he works as a software architect and lives in Spain.
On Discord, he's known as @AndreMiras.

Mirko Galimberti

He is a Full Stack Developer and lives in Italy. Kivy helped him to speed up the App development process while keeping high standards.
On Discord, he's known as @m1sl6.


Interfaces tactiles et mobiles avec Kivy

Speakers: Robert Niederreiter

Meetup Innsbruck, Austria - 15 April 2017

Video Slides

Interfaces tactiles et mobiles avec Kivy

Speakers: Gabriel Pettier

Pycon-fr, Strasbourg, France - 27 October 2013

Video Slides

Our journey to Kivy

Speakers: Richard Larkin

PyconZA 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa - 3 October 2013

Video Slides

Utah Python August 2013 meeting

Speakers: Jacob Kovac

Python meeting in Utah, USA - August 2013


Kivy Intro and Tutorial

Speakers: Ben Rousch

GrDevDay 2013 in Grand Rapids, MI, USA. - 2 March 2013


OpenGL and Python on computer and embed devices

Speakers: Mathieu Virbel

EuroPython 2012 in Florence, Italia. - 24 July 2012


Kivy - Python UI Library for Any OS

Speakers: Rokas Aleksiūnas

PyCon LT 2012 in Vilnius - 28 April 2012


NIU en Python: Kivy

Speakers: Gabriel Pettier

La Cantine in Paris, France - 28 November 2011

Video (Starts at 2:28:00)

Spaß mit Natural User Interfaces und Python

Speakers: Ernesto Rico Schmidt

PyCon DE 2011 - October 2011


Quick Multitouch Apps using Kivy and Python

Speakers: KP Singh (kpsfoo), N Chadha

PyCon India 2011 - September 2011

PyCon India 2011 Blog Post

GLES2 Python framework for NUI

Speakers: Mathieu Virbel

RMLL 2011 in Strasbourg, France - 9 July 2011


Lightning talk about Kivy

Speakers: Mathieu Virbel

Europython 2011 in Florence, Italia - 22 June 2011

Blog Post

You made a talk but is not listed here? Feel free to open a PR!


In order to encourage and give developers an opportunity to learn more about Kivy we organized two contests in 2012 and 2014.
With a total of 200+ partecipants along the two contests, we were able to improve the quality of the documentation and the quality of the codebase, thanks to the partecipants feedback.

Is a new contest coming soon? Follow us on Twitter to keep in touch!

Past core developers

  • Thomas Hansen (hansent)
  • Christopher Denter (dennda)
  • Edwin Marshall (aspidites)
  • Jeff Pittman (geojeff)
  • Brian Knapp (knappador)
  • Ryan Pessa (kived)
  • Ben Rousch (brousch)
  • Jacob Kovac (kovak)
  • Armin Sebastian (dessant)
  • Thomas-Karl Pietrowski (thopiekar)
  • Peter Badida (KeyWeeUsr)


  • Terje Skjaeveland (bionoid)
  • George Sebastian (georgs)
  • Gabriel Ortega
  • Arnaud Waels (triselectif)
  • Thomas Hirsch
  • Joakim Gebart
  • Rosemary Sebastian
  • Jonathan Schemoul

Special thanks

  • Mark Hembrow, who was one of our first sponsor, by giving us a Mac Mini. Which was used for all the build system: unit test on Windows / OS X and Ubuntu + building the HTML and PDF documentation.
  • Vincent Autin for his work as a designer for the project, specially on the logo.

Need help?

The Kivy community will love ❤️ to help.

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