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Selected Projects

What is the best way to learn more about the Kivy framework potential? A list of projects built via Kivy, curated by the community itself!

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Snake by Andy Russo

Snake remake with adapted for smartphones controls, that make the game even more exciting. Hearts system makes it even more fun to play! 3 languages localization: English, Chinese, Russian. Have a good game!

Morse Code Jam

Winner of the Python Discord Code Jam VI! A morse code app, allowing you to decode, encode, train your ear or your morse tapping skills, and even to send and receive messages in morse code! The decoder can even use your microphone to decode morse code from audio on the fly.


Second place for the Python Discord Code Jam VI!.Being an artist in the stone age wasn't easy.Take you chisel and express your primal emotionssmashing a rock to create art.


Third place for the Python Discord Code Jam VI!.Ever miss your trusty midnight commander?Wish it time traveled to this age of multitouchand opengl?Explore, manage directories, edit text files and view images.

Snu Photo Manager

A feature-rich photo manager with photo and video editing capabilities. Sort photos and videos with a database, easily import files from your camera or phone. Edit photos and videos with color adjustments, filters, rotation, cropping, and more. Export your photos for websites, create collages, or convert your videos.

Learn Python Offline & IDE

An application to learn and experiment with PythonRead and search documentation & tutorials.Includes an editor and offline compiler in the pro version


Phylogenomic data gathering, processing and visualization for everyone! Detection and exploration of orthologs across multiple species... made easy! Convert, manipulate and export thousands of multiple sequence alignments in a breeze

Meccano Rubik's Shrine

An electro-mecanical project to solve Rubik's cubesusing Meccano, Arduino, a Raspberry pi and Kivy

Métropole de Marseille

A custom application to present the Marseille métropole Map with POI selection and basket, custom dynamic object menuRstDocument used to display converted docx documents

Mission Pinball Framework

A free Python-based pinball framework used to run real pinball machines.Allows builders and programmers to create software for their pinball machines.

Digital Stories

Collaborative interaction endeavoursusing laser pointers to collectivelydiscover and interact on video games and movies.

Nie Nie

Casual puzzle/brain teaser with simple gameplayMultiple game modesFriends and global leaderboard!.

Gravity Ride

Arcade spaceship simulatorUse gravity in travel through the space94 unique challenging levels

KOGNITIVO - Brain Training

Analyse your cognitive activityon the basis of some short games!See your daily and weekly productivity in graphs


Decipher all of those crazy names and tell you which beers you’ll be glad you tried.Beers recommendation based on your personal taste!

Simple Peinture

Kid drawing applicationUndo system, one touch to change tool.Multitouch supported!

Tangible Media

Explore data with objectCombine them for advanced visualisation.Single or collaborative mode!

PyDelhi Conf 2017

Official App for PyDelhi Conf 2017Used on 18-19 March 2017

Rocket Kite

Fly your rocket kite among the planetsUse gravity to your advantage, collect all checkpointsExperience space flight in this colorful simulator

Particle Panda

Create particle effect for particle systemsused in Starling, Kivy and Cocos2dWorking on Desktop and mobile.


Yeco is a multi touch controller for Ableton LiveAvailable for Windows and macOS


Commercial application for Business Process ModelingRunning on iOS, Android, and others desktop OS


Multitouch game, first place of the Kivy Contest #1


Multitouch game, second place of the Kivy Contest #1


Multitouch game, third place of the Kivy Contest #1


Multitouch screen used for control a PLC hardware machine.


Interactive tablet menu with wine, beer, cocktail...Clean design with cool touch interaction, on android !


Educational project using 4 tablets and 1 table with projection.Augmented knowledge table, that can be shared across tablet.

Touch Live

Monome-like controller implemented in Kivy.Graham is creating his own music on it.

Icarus Touch

Continuous keyboard implemented in Kivy.Cyril is improvising over some backing tracks.


Interactive touchscreen using Kivy for takingpictures and customize the photo with some gadgets.

Plane White

Interactive white surface for discovering art exhibition.

Epidemy: The Outbreak

Board-like strategy free gameResearch and use various methods to defeat the epidemy7 game modes, 4 infections, 27 methods, 13 countries

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